About Us

Our mission is to provide innovative parenting solutions that help families cope and successfully ADJUST to a separation or divorce. Completing our online programs, parents learn skills that will make them ABLE to co-parent for the benefit of their children.

Together with the input of over 20 family court experts, we were able to create the most innovative online classes for parent education.

Most of our online classes are court recognised in many counties, as we always strive to be ahead of the state and county court’s demands. Please see all recognized areas and learn more about individual courses in your area.

Online Parenting Programs

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Also, by closely working with qualified research evaluators to review data collected from parents, all of our online parent education programs include pre/post assessment, demographics, evaluations, program survey and county reporting.

As part of the Able 2 Adjust, Inc.™ Family, Online Parenting Programs provides a wide range of programs for parents and families, skills preparation and individualized training.